Money Transfer Service

Often times it is the work of many to support an individual who is incarcerated.

Unfortunately, this means that each individual person sending money to an inmate commissary account will be charged a transfer fee by the transfer company

Maybe we can help!

If you know an inmate who has two or more people adding money to their commissary account each month, we can probably save everyone money.

Friends and family may all support the incarcerate individual by pooling their money together in an Inmate Resources account assigned to the inmate. By creating one account, we can help avoid multiple transfer fees, thereby saving everyone money!

Once the inmate wants the money on their commissary account, we will transfer it promptly to their account for a $4 charge plus the ONE time transfer company fee.

The request can be placed directly to us by the inmate if they have TEXTING SERVICE with us already, or by an individual designated by the inmate at the time the account is created.

Please call or email with additional questions.

Send money by clicking here.
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