Add a Phones Account

Follow the tutorial and add a phone or photo manager account here.


Here is a step-by-step guide for the inmate.

Our system is different than others but once people use it they like it just fine.

Step 1. Tell the inmate to dial the number you receive once you have made your purchase.

Step 2. Once they dial the number ask them to continue to perform all of the steps their facility of them to make a phone call. Tell them to keep holding as it will be silent. THEY WILL NOT HEAR RINGING.

Step 3. They will then hear a voice say “Please enter your two digit pin”

Step 4. They will then enter the two digit pin that was sent to your email upon adding phone minutes to their account.

Step 5. After they enter their pin, they will be connected to our automated dialer. They will be read off different touch-tone options for who they wish to call (ie. Dial 0 for Mom, Dial 1 for Dad)

Step 6. They will be connected. The person they are calling will not have to press 5 to accept the call, they will just be directly connected.

Tips for not wasting minutes.

Our system rolls minutes, so however many minutes are added to their account, they have until they are used completely. They roll month to month and never expire.

EACH CALL TO OUR LINE COUNTS AS A CONNECTION, therefore, we recommend the inmate call you first from the facility.

ANSWER YOUR PHONE BUT DO NOT PRESS '5'. This will let them know you are available.
They can then call back using our system and you will answer.

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Adding Phone Plan

Below are the steps to add a phones account and phone plan.

Enter the Inmate ID number of the person you wish to add a phones account and/or minutes for.

If the inmate is being added for the first time in our system, fill out the mailing details of the inmate. If they are in a federal prison, these fields should automatically populate. If the inmate is already registered in our system, you will skip this step.

If you already have a texting account, you can ignore the photo credits and 4×6 generated email address. You will see a brief summary of your account, if the inmate already exists in our phones system, you will see how many minutes they have left. Proceed to Add Phone Credits.

Fill in your credit card info along with how many credits you want to add. Minutes are 4 cents per credit. Remember, minutes always roll over. Upon payment completion, you will receive an email with the inmates generated phone number and 2 digit pin. If this is the first time you’ve added credits, you will be asked to fill out numbers the inmate can call, up to 10 lines.

If this is your first time adding credits to the inmates account, you will be able to put up to 10 lines in for the inmate to call. If you or the inmate wishes to change or add numbers, you can email us and we will take care of it.

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